Marketing Yourself On LinkedIn

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As technology and social media continue to grow throughout the world, things have been made easier in many different ways. Getting information out to the world is as easy as posting the information on your social media and sending it, which can take a matter of 10 seconds. Although this is a great way to spread information, there can also be downfalls. If you have a bad day or aren’t thinking about it at the time and post something that you’ll regret later, future employers can find that and use it against you in a job search. Since this has become more important it is in people’s best interest to create a LinkedIn account. This platform has the ability for you to share you greatest strengths and show companies and employers that you are the right fit for their job postings. An article on a website called the under cover recruiter has shown “7 ways college students can benefit from LinkedIn”. In my experience I believe all 7 of these to be true. The seven ways students and any other user of LinkedIn can benefit from it are getting job emails alerts, connecting with professionals, conducting company research, getting recommendations, letting companies find you, connecting with other students (or peers), and landing international jobs. All of these things are very beneficial when looking for a job and using the LinkedIn network.

Another article I found on the muse lists things to do to your LinkedIn profile that will make it topnotch “9 Tiny Tweaks That’ll Make your LinkedIn Profile Top-Notch”. All nine of these ways are very simple and I believe will make your profile stand out. The first tweak you can do is have a perfect profile picture. You want your profile picture to be a professional headshot of some sort, a photo that actually looks like you, a picture that captures you with a soft expressions, you want to be professionally dressed, and make sure the background is not distracting. Doing these things will lead you to have a stellar profile picture. The second tweak is adding a cover photo, this has been recently added to LinkedIn and many people, including myself, haven’t added one. It is important to use all the tools LinkedIn gives you and this is one of them. The picture you choose should connect back to who you are as a professional. The next way to make your profile top-notch, is by editing your custom URL to your first and last name. This gives you a unique URL but allows people to know exactly who you are just by looking at it. The fourth change you can make is improving your summary. Your summary is an opportunity for you to tell users what you’re searching for. Making this section unique to you will help you stand out. Adding what job your looking for, or if you’re looking for investments can help. The fifth tweak is to edit your skills, when I first created my LinkedIn I didn’t add any skills. This section is very important when it comes to future employers, they want to see what you can do and what makes you an asset to their company. The next thing you can do is add your volunteer work. Personally this is something I haven’t done on my LinkedIn, but when employers are looking at your resume they like to see volunteer work, so this will give you an extra something when they are evaluating you via LinkedIn. Adding content to your profile is key on LinkedIn. This shows your an active user and care about what you are putting out there, but when it comes to writing an article from scratch this can be difficult. A way you can add content you’ve written without completely starting over is by posting work that you have already done. For example all of my blog posts are posted on my LinkedIn. This can show future employers my critical thinking and writing skills, or lack there of (haha).  Another way to make your LinkedIn top-notch is by creating a perfect status update. You can post this on your companies web page, or for those of us that don’t belong to a company yet, on your current school or alma mater. This status should have breaking news or industry trends as the subject, edit the link description and keep it simple, further engagement from yourself to keep the discussion going, make it interesting to your target market and who will be viewing it, and aim for a success rate that is great then a 1% engagement. By updating your status’ and creating discussion this can show that you are staying involved. The final tweak to make your LinkedIn stand out is by adding media to it. It is said that employers take less then a minute to look at someones resume, well this decreases to about 10 seconds for recruiters looking at LinkedIn profiles. If your profile doesn’t catch the recruiters attention in that short time, they are more likely to leave quickly. By adding media this shows that your profile is different then others and can help you stand out. You don’t want anything to overpowering and to many things will make it crowded. Just the right amount will help recruiters become more engaged and stay on your profile for longer.

These tweaks are quick and easy ways for you to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.The more information you have the more LinkedIn will know about you as a future employer. By having all this information it gives you the greater opportunity to have jobs that match your profile. I get emails daily saying that my profile has matched jobs, the more of these you get the more it is creating future opportunities for yourself. There are steps in here that I have to do on my LinkedIn still, but once I do I’m hoping my profile will have an edge over others and give my more job opportunities.