Email Marketing

Hello all! I know have been M.I.A for a little, but today I want to talk about something very important for marketers, and that’s email marketing.

Email marketing is a very important way to market for businesses. Depending on your business model there are different types of email content that can be sent out. The first is online retail, the goal of this type is to generate additional purchases. These emails should contain discounts or promotions on their merchandise. Online retails emails can also have new product lines or recommended products based on their users past purchases. Lead Generation is the next type, unlike online retailers it’s harder for lead generation websites to create profitable email content. This content can provide information about things the website knows the user needs. It can also include tips and tricks regarding the websites expertise. These types of emails can improve customer satisfaction and maintain the company’s relationship with past consumers. Search engine email content can be filled with deals on hotels or vacation packages, this is because search engines are likely to have access to that information. By sending these emails out it will add business to their search engines. More people will look to search at that search engine and they could get commission on hotel bookings. The next type is online media, these companies make money off the advertisement on their website, and the more people spend time on them. Emails that will help get people to their site are ones that display the sites top content for the day. The final type is online B2B services, sending emails to potential customers can help with the sales process. Usually it takes several months to over a year for a B2B sales cycle. The emails usually contain useful information about the best practices within that industry. Since we are learning about email marketing in my digital marketing I will be evaluating emails from a site that I frequently receive them from.

The website I receive emails from falls under the type online retail, it’s called Tobi. I have been signed up on this site for years now because I love their clothes. What initially made me sign up was because they had an offer, 50% off your first purchase if you sign up. I receive an email from them daily and open 95% of them. When I get an email from Tobi I always try to open them because they always have great deals, and if I read the email the next day that says “Last Day 50% off site wide” makes me sad I missed it.

The last Tobi email I got had a subject line “Spring Approved || LAST DAY 50% Off Sitewide”. Immediately seeing this subject line made me open the email and click. The content is shown in this picture:

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 1.42.40 PM

A few days before receiving the last email I got, had the following image in it:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 1.51.50 PM

It is showing us the code to use to receive the 50% off, which matches the subject line. There is also a picture of a girl wearing a dress in a warm climate environment. When the subject line stated “Spring Approved” meant to me that they were focusing on spring clothes currently. If you click the picture in the email it is a link to the site, it brings you to their spring summer dresses, which to me was very clear and matched together. The other email containing 30% off sales items is not as distinct in what exactly those sale items are. It also has no image of an actual product which I felt was helpful in knowing what they were focusing on like the first image. The main call to action here is to get consumers to make a purchase. After receiving this email, I clicked on the link and did make a purchase. To me when the email is bright and inviting and giving you a great deal straight forward I think they are very effective, which the first email (50% off) had. The second email (30%) I didn’t click on it, there was not an image that I was that made me think to myself “I want that”, which the first email did very well. Since Tobi sends out emails daily I think both emails had enough content in it, but the second one could have add a more specific picture, and both did not need to add in any other offers. If emails weren’t sent as frequently I would think they should display more offers. I also believe this site is very gender specific and has a specific style to it, if there were more options for other genders or different style I believe they should add more offers. With that there is also a higher probability that both emails went to the entire database. Again, if there were more clothes for different genders and different styles, this email could have easily been segment-dependent, but because their entire site is already “one segment” I believe it was sent to the entire database. For me the first email (50% Off) accomplished its objective more than the second, this is because I made a purchase after receiving the first. The second one I didn’t even click on, I felt the deal wasn’t something worth it for me and I was unsure what was on sale. Tobi should continue to let their customers know about their deals and have specific item pictures that will draw their attention. They should also make deals available to potential customers.