My blog is all about food and going to try new restaurants in new environments, while staying in the area. This weeks post is going to be steered a little differently, I will be conducting and analysis of the website Delish. Delish is a website that is all about food news; it has menus, recipes, tips, and anything you can think of that has to do with food. With my love of food comes along me trying to make food myself, but when it comes to cooking I know nothing. Delish helps people make intricate and delicious foods with little ingredients and easy step by step instructions. It varies from a home cooked dinner for your family, or snackable pizza and finger foods. If you’re looking for a certain food to make, they most likely have it, and easy to follow steps.

This past week in Dr. Pepe’s Digital Marketing class we learned that there are three assets a site can be analyzed with. They are: traffic, conversion, and generating revenue. These things can be measured by a series of factors including referrals, click throughs, direct search, etc. With that in mind I am now going to see how Delish measures up to these factors. Before we start with that I would like to give a shout out to my digital marketing teacher Dr. Pepe. This is the second class I have with him and I can honestly say he is a great teacher and has so much knowledge to share. If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Pepe and all the great things he has to say, check out his blog. You will learn a lot from it.

First let’s talk about traffic. The keywords in a website and keyword search demand are huge when it comes to traffic. A goal a website should have is for their keyword phrases to have a high level of search traffic, when it comes to search traffic this will help. There are different types of traffic, including direct traffic, referral traffic, and search traffic. Search traffic is when someone types keywords into Google and that site shows up based on relevance. To help websites with this Google has a Keyword Planner, which helps choose a target market and what keywords are best for your site, and will ultimately show up more on searches. Based on the website Moz, which helps track where websites stand when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), Delish ranks 76 out of 100. Amazon scores a 97 out of 100, which is one of the best there is. On this alone I would say Delish is a very searchable site but it can still close the gap and get higher with this rank. They can try and incorporate more highly searched keywords about food into their posts and bring them higher up on the page, which helps with relevance. The higher up on a page and larger the font for a keyword phrase the more weight it has in relevance. The next form of traffic is direct traffic, which is when someone types the URL of a website directly in. I can’t imagine Delish getting a ton of direct traffic because its so universal to food, I feel as if it would be found more through links and can be found throughout other clicks in other places. With that being said Delish has 181,000 total links, because of this high number I would say referral traffic is what they get the most out of. When searching through food posts, viewers can be brought back to Delish very frequently. A segment called “Tasty” is on buzzfeed, they get a lot of their stuff from Delish and post links throughout a lot of their contact. Although Delish’s traffic could be improved when it comes to search traffic and direct, their referral traffic is doing well.

Another way we can measure the success of a website is conversions. Ways we can measure Delish’s conversion is through how much time viewers spend on their page, how many click throughs they get, and more. Delish has so many articles on it that lead into others. Click-throughs is most likely the heaviest weighted form of conversion, and also how much time spent on the website. Since Delish has so many links out their we can see conversion if viewers stay on the page after getting redirected there. If people come on the page and immediately click back, that isn’t good for conversion. Comparing themselves to competitors is another good way to see their conversion, if viewers are viewing other food sites for longer and click-through more, this would be something Delish should be worried about.

Generating Revenue is the final way to measure the success of a website. For website where purchasing is going on like amazon, footlocker, and many others, revenue is the ultimate goal. For Delish because they don’t sell anything, it is not. Because of this traffic and conversions are Delish’s most weighted measurements of success. Although Delish has high referral traffic and pretty good search traffic, there is always room for improvement when it comes to traffic, and conversions.