I am a senior Marketing major at Siena College in Loudonville New York. This blog is for Dr. Pepe’s Marketing 327-Digital Marketing class. I am creating this blog to gain further experience in digital marketing and create better writing skills while learning to blog. When thinking about a topic for this blog I struggled to pick something interesting that I loved. First I thought about what I am really passionate for and of course I kept coming back to the same topic… food. Now I had to find a way to keep it interesting, I can’t just write about what I eat everyday because that would be boring. I finally decided to write about my experience at restaurants that I find appealing in the area. Four years ago Loudonville was a new place to me when I first attended Siena College, and I know how hard it is to find new restaurants you will love. My goal for this blog is to steer a path for people to try new restaurants that are right around the corner.